After recently being in a friend’s wedding and having an awful experience with the owner of the venue, I felt I needed to go back a few months to my own venue, and tell everyone looking into this place how amazing it was.

I had booked my venue at Reinhart’s Barn Weddings about 2 years prior to getting married. I needed a place to accommodate at least 200 people, and a place to turn into a Hawaiian Paradise! This venue comes with 2 areas, one of them is a huge pavilion with sliding doors to open or close on 3 of the 4 sides, portable heating sources if it’s cold, the original barn which had heat and a/c, redone bathrooms, a Bridal suite with bathroom, a beautiful tree farm with separate area decorated with lights for some beautiful photos, enough parking for guests, etc.

Lisa and her husband Allen were absolutely AMAZING. They were so friendly, worked with us with all of the little details, accommodated everything we had asked, had EVERYTHING pulled out and sorted, helped move our tables into place, had all of the ceremony chairs set up and ready to go, the list goes on and on. They were never in sight during the wedding (which honestly they were so amazing I wouldn’t have minded if they joined us!) and only came around at the very end to help us clean everything up.

At the time, I figured this is how every venue would treat their weddings, because I know that’s exactly how I would treat people if I were renting out my space for the most important day of their lives. However, not every venue has amazing owners like this one does, and that in itself speaks louder than anything. They put the money into renovations and making the place better and better. Every time I visited the venue, something new was being added, updated, etc.

So again, thanks Lisa and Allen for being unbelievably amazing human beings, and I will always recommend your venue to everyone that asks me!

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